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The title of Haggai Books was cited from Haggai, one of the minor prophets in the Old Testament, for the purpose of working the mission of the prophet Haggai in this time. He preached the message of God for starting building of the temple again which has been stopped.

We begin building the temple in our heart when we came to church first. However, our faith grows no longer and stays under the legalistic faith even after a long time has passed. That is, we are lost in darkness failing to find the right way of truth. This means that we stopped building the temple in the heart.

Haggai Books will make restart the building of the temple and complete it through enlightening the true meanings of the words. When the temple is complete in our heart, God will come to us in our heart as Holy Spirit and by that cause, we will be full of grace and truth. 
Haggai Books hopes to fulfill this mission in every one of us.

Fresh Eyes to Read the Bible I: Biblical Steps for Growing in Faith 
This title will present the steps for growing in faith by considering the arrangement of the Bible’s books. You will gain a very different but true perspective, to issues like ‘Inheritance of Adam’s Sin,’ ‘Parable of the Prodigal Son,’ ‘End Times,’ ‘Law and Grace,’ et cetera. The contents are simple and strong. 

Fresh Eyes to Read the Bible II: The Real Jesus 
This title will let the readers know that the true spiritual meanings of Scripture are quite different from the morals and ethics of the world, and will reveal the real Jesus, who we should meet here and now for our salvation.


Fresh Eyes to Read the Bible III: Good, Evil, and the Resurrection 
This title will touch on such subjects as fellowship with God, tithes and offerings, the true nature of devil/Satan/demons, and the Word and resurrection.



The Second call of Jesus 
This title speaks of the hidden meaning of the Scripture; hidden manna as in Revelation 2:17, and invites the readers to believe in Jesus again based on this hidden meaning, because the faith that we currently have is of the shadow Jesus who sits on the literal and superficial meaning of the Scriipture, not of the real Jesus. Whilst the First Call of Jesus is in the form of the 'book' that contains the Word but the Second Call of Jesus shall be in the form of 'a man' who has the Word inscribed in his heart with the hidden real meaning of it. Meet and follow this apostle who will save you correctly this time.


Simple Truth : Illustrated Introductory Guide to Bible Truth 
This book speaks about the underlying truth to understand scripture correctly, with illustrations. It answers questions like, “Who are we?”and “How are we born into this world?” by exploring the correct meaning of scripture. If you find that the interpretation of scripture in this book makes sense, is correct, and is the truth, then you will know why I say we need “fresh eyes.”


The New Commandment :  1 JOHN
"A Fresh Reading of 1 John that Gives Sinless Life of Jesus to the Reader"

This title will reveal a fresh way to have no sin during your life-time through once-and-for-all forgiveness by Jesus Christ.



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